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Anamorphic New York


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Thanks! Originally I was planning to crop to 2.77 or even 2.35 but I ended up quite liking the 3.5 so began working with that in framing the shots.


I also noticed that the Kowa is only 2X when focused to infinity - when focused to 5 feet (minimum distance) it is more like 1.9X stretch.

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@araucaria - The grade is a custom one, from a short film I'm making now. I like the Impulz LUTs, I used them as reference, though I agree that they can be a bit strong. But yeah, I boosted the red gamma in the shadows ;-)



@JohnBarlow - Yeah I'm interested, can you tell me more? How does the single focus modification work?


I was actually planning to 3d-print a set of custom gear wheels to rack double-focus on both Kowa and taking lens (already measured + drawn up, just need to design an extra bracket arm to mount the gears on the follow focus)

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'?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>


details are in the thread above.


It is a custom glass/optical solution, perfectly matched to the base anamorphic. You fix the scope and rear lens and focus at the front.


Contact me at the website if you want to discuss further, the link is in the thread or below in the footer.

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