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    I work with interactive cinema using robotic projection screens, musicians, motion sensing interfaces. I'm shooting with Magic lantern and anamorphic lenses on the 5D111 right now.
  1. Hi - I'm working with magic lantern footage from the 5diii shot with an iscorama. My editing system is a 2009 Mac tower. I'm using FCPX 10.1.2. I'd like to be able to put the viewer window on a second computer monitor and also output hdmi to a 10 bit monitor. I have an intensity pro card. Everything works OK except the output from FCPX to the hdmi monitor bypasses the anamorphic setting so it not unsquished ( a technical term ;) I can output from DaVinci Resolve lite to the monitor in anamorphic aspect ratio. I am using transform in FCPX to anamorphically stretch each clip. Any thought
  2. The Van Diemen conversion makes the iscorama heavier - it might need lens support - and also makes it vignette somewhat less wide. Is the Wonder conversion the same as the Van Diemen one or is it modified? I can use the Nikon e 50mm 1.8 and the Dog Schidt 58mm helios mod lenses with no vignetting. I'd hate to lose that ability?
  3. I've been working with fcpx. I use RawMagic, import to Resolve, do a first grade and export pro res at whatever resolution to import into fcpx. I'm still trying to find the best way to set up an anamorphic 1.4 aspect ratio ( 2688x1080) project in fcpx. If anyone has thoughts I'd like to hear how other people are working with iscorama footage.
  4. I believe the pink frame problem is now solved with the paid version of RawMagic 1.2.1
  5. Hi - Thanks for the tip. I was having the pink frame issues with Raw lite on my laptop (?), but on my tower it was happening with both versions . Now it's working fine with Raw lite 1.1.3 and with Raw paid 1.2 but only with 16bit checked - if I don't check it, I get pink frames. Files converted with Raw lite look the same and are the same size as files converted with 16 bit checked in Raw paid. I have no idea what changed that would have made raw lite suddenly give me pink frames - I wondered if the paid version could have reset something as I used it first when the pink frame thing happened.
  6. Hi - I 've been following the forum closely but haven't been posting. I have a problem I could use help with. I'm shooting with Magic lantern Raw (not MLV) on the 5d111. Using the Nov 25 build. I just completed one day of a music video shoot and all the files are coming through Raw Magic with only the magenta info. During the shoot we checked files in File Manager and they were playing back in full color. I've been using Magic Lantern for awhile and this has never happened. The first part of the shoot was fine except for one corrupted file that was too long and ran off the end of the card. T
  7. The examples of the Leica Summicron looked surprisingly bad to me so I went out and shot some test stills at f2 on the 5diii. I am getting very sharp results and only get fall off at the corners if there is a spatial shift in the frame that means the shallow depth of field goes out of focus at the corners as images are closer. I shot the same images with the leicaR 19mm v2 which is like a razor as a control. They're surprisingly close. My 35 is V2 which could possibly make a difference? I also am looking at web compressed versions from your blog - so factor that in. I can post some examples
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