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Nikon D810 scores 14.8 in DR -


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here here.  I rarely see anything uploaded to vimeo which really commands the need for perfection in the acquisition dept.  I suppose a lack of moire is great for a moire test.    


What seems to be drastically forgotten in this thread is that the d810 is a 36megapixel stills beast that also shoots video.  Just like the d800 and a7r.   Until there is the capability to read the full 36mpx sensor and downscale the 8k? feed, the video will always have flaws.  The fact is, if it's an improvement over the d800 and a7r (which both deliver great video considering the 36mpx sensor is making things very hard for the cameras).  Both d800 and a7r pretty much match the 5dmk3 in terms of internal (to card) h264.


Ultimately I find it mad that anyone is seriously attempting to pull this camera apart in video terms, particularly when comparing it to vastly inferior cameras in the stills dept.  It's a flagship full frame photographic camera which needs a 20k£ medium format back (and costly medium format lenses) to better it.  Nothing that shoots really good video also shoots stills half as good as the d800, a7r and the d810.


This. It's an absolute beast of a camera and I enjoy it quite a bit more than the gh4 as an all around tool. (note that I'm still a pretty heavy stills guy)

I mean, if you were going equal on stills and video... this would have to be right near, if not at the top of the list.

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I looked a bit and there isnt many topics here on grading footage from the D800, i have used Neutral, Flat10 and Flat11 and Cinestyle, and Flat11 is the easyest one to grade. I shot this with the D800 on Flat11 with the 64mbps hack, and i liked how it turned out, cinestyle doesnt turn out that good, its harder to bring back the tones. Does anyone have a favorite LUT+Profile combo thats works out fine with the D800?













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