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Ideas on how to record proper documentary audio on the GH4?


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Hi there,


I've got a GH4 and I'm looking at audio options for it. 


It comes up with a right and left audio levels on the screen, which makes me think it can do separate left and right audio channels is that right?


Also if I used something like a beachtek/juice box that'll give me proper XLRs but record the sound onto the camera, (so it's not separate so I don't have to sync it later), will I be able to use separate radio mics in each xlr, and they'll be recorded as separate audio tracks on the video files?!


It's really important with documentary shooting where you have to have two people radio mic'd, but keep their audio separate, or have a radio mic on the left channel and then a top mic on the right channel. That way when things go wrong with the radio mic or there is a lot of noise coming from the contributor's clothing, in post I can use audio from the top mic to cover those bits with clear audio.


Just wondering if anyone knew either way? Or had any tips/a solution?

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I record all my documentary audio on an external recorder so I can control stuff in the field easier.  PITA with post, but there's the trade off.  That said, you can rig up separate audio sources to go into the stereo mini plug if you want.  Mini-plug recording...just not a fan of that. 

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