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Nikon D810 update does not feature 4K video

Andrew Reid

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 Also prefer the way the D600 is laid out as a stills camera. Not a big fan of the positioning of the ISO button or lack of articulating screen on either camera but they are nice to look at. D600 with the 80-200mm F2.8 AFd lens is a beauty. But Canon have the better button layout.



I find this with canon actually. I hate the look and feel of them and dont like the menus or button layout. But this is because im used to Nikon and have customized my menu to have easy access to what I need.


I find this with software all the time, ie: people dont use Maya because its superior its what they know and have know for so long. 


I have always used Nikon because of the sensor, same reason we picked better film stock. I dont doubt canon have something up their sleeve but as of now Im not a fan. The only reason I would prefer them is Magic Lantern.

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We under expose on Nikons to save highlights and can then easily recover shadows or back lit subjects. In real world practice it makes a real difference. I work with a lot of canon fans and when it co

Why get so upset over this? Nikon cameras will never be incredibly desirable for video, as you can only use their lenses on that mount. We'll always have more flexibility with Sony and canon. Why not

I am overflowing with glee.

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