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"Strange" Iscorama pre 36 listing


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Some of us have seeing this ad on Ebay (http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/201100412876), which is also have being mentioned here ().

I have sent 2 messages the last 3 days to the seller, asking for some detailed photos, as the ones he has on his ad are terribly bad. Never received a reply...

The listing is ending tonight, so just be aware anyone that thinking to invest his money on it...



UPDATE 1: Just 32 minutes after this post, I took a reply that he will send photos.


UPDATE 2: The photos he sent finally was just two. One with the lens' mount and one just the body... But none from the optics as I demanded... And also those 2 that he sent, they are worst than the ones he has already on the listing...

Including this message:  " Ok...I veiwed the lens better...found a small minute nick the size of the tip of a tooth pick and no heavy ar deep scratches or scrapes...All in all...this lens is better than others that I have veiwed on Ebay. Most seem to have scrapings along the side from focousing the lens. I will send the couple I just took, but the are a little blurred..I will see if outside works better for tis vizio digitol I use for ebay".

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