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Ad I shot with the red one mx in 4k


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Hello everyone,


Here is my latest video work, an ad I shot with the red one mx:



hope you like it, let me know what you think


I also started a facebook page for my photo/video works: http://www.fb.com/karimnassarofficial


If you follow me there please pm me with your page so I can follow you back!


looking forward to hearing your thoughts

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The colors are mindblowing...I miss my Red One!


thanks, what camera did you switch to after the red one?


my favorite camera is THE ARRI LT..


but for (video) digital work ..red one mx is a beast…and (5dm3 nice with raw)  


must be nice to work with the Arri lt, and agreed love the colors and detail the raw video of the mark 3 delivers

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How did you light the background so evenly? It's fantastic.


in the full body shots the background is so even because it has been extended in post see form this raw grab:




All other shots the backgrounds are real, a big soft light from above lit it evenly.


If you want an even lit background you can start by placing your light as further away from it as possible.

The closer you get the more you will see the gradation in the light fall off and you will create a visible gradient.


Found this image that demonstrates it clearly:




as you can see the light intensity changes rapidly between the 22 and 5.6 mark, so you will see a gradient.

If you place it further away, starting at the 5.6 mark and around the 4 mark you will have less of a gradient (although you will have a 1 stop difference as demonstrated in the pic)

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