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RX100M3 Rumored to be announced next week


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I'm excited. My Panasonic GH2 and Olympus OM-D E-M1 are excellent work horses.

But if you want something compact to carry with you all the time, but not be your 'crappy' smartphone camera (yeah, there are some good ones these days, but it will never be anywhere near a dedicated camera with nice sensor and optics), you'll end up looking at cameras like this.


Now, way back I already bought the Panasonic LX7. I was kinda stuck between it and the Sony RX100 (wasn't a mkII back then) and although the Sony has the bigger sensor, the LX7 for me was more practical.


The mkII that came after was a nice improvement, but this mkIII could really crush the current competition, which still is the LX7 amongst others such as the new Canon G1X mkII, S120, Olympus XZ-2, Samsung EX2F, Nikon P340, A, P7700 and so on. All of which equipped with a smaller than APS-C (M43) size sensor, but larger than the typical 1/2.3" one, with decent optics and a small form factor, still providing a lot of features and level of manual control. These somewhat 'premium' compacts are really nice to just carry around in your jacket pocket on a daily basis, catching moments with more class/finesse than your smartphone ever would. It might sometimes also be excellent for B-roll footage and fit in tight spots, also be a little less conspicuous wherever it would be need to blend in and not be stared at, where you'd normally might've used a GoPro, but didn't want the typical fisheye.

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