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Sun Anamorphic Adapter 16


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Well, that was pretty awesome! Very good image (quality and composition), I like the color too. I got to watch it with sound too, can't do it at work :)


Thanks Gabor.


And Stanley, your footage is looking reeaallly nice. So are you using cheap closeup filters, nothing like achromatic glass or anything like the tokina? I want to be able to get closeups too .. I guess I need to buy a front filter adapter thing, then buy some cheap closeup filters? Would that be adequate? 


Also how are you  guysgetting your aspect ratio? Mine seems really narrow in comparison. You guys shooting 16:9?


I'd like to get a 5d3 soon, and was thinking if it'd be good to shoot 4:3 raw, and stretch out the 2x to get 2.40:1 - right? I get pretty confused with these conversions, aspect ratios etc.. 



I use Hoya 77mm +1 +2 +4 and a 72mm Tokina +0.4. I got a 72mm front filter clamp from Red Stan and use a 72mm-77mm step-up ring to connect them. The combination from these diopters works pretty well for me. 
This photo shows you the diopter setup I had with a Sankor 16C: http://instagram.com/p/WSCWlGBRO6/
Results (Sankor 16C on the GH2):
I shoot 16:9. Then de-squeeze depending on the image. The Sun has various stretch factor, I assume, due to the lens breathing. I de-squeezed my footage 2x at first and then realized that using my own judgement for artistic reason makes more sense. To me it's a part of the freedom and fun to shoot with anamorphic. A de-squeezed 16:9 gives me more flexibility in composition as well when the final video is 2.35: 1 or 2.66:1.
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