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Are there any options for raw conversion of R5 Cinema Raw (Light)?


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I'm really surprised with how much of a struggle I am having tracking down something that will do proper raw conversion of r5 footage.  Are there any options at all?

In all cases I've tried Cinema Raw and Cinema Raw Light in clog, clog3 and clog-off:

  • Final Cut Pro opens the Cinema Raw files just fine (all types) with the Canon RAW Plugin for FCPX.  However, I get no access to raw adjustments such as 'ISO' or White Balance in the info tab for the footage as I'd expect when converting Raw.  This is known and documented, so fully expected.  FCP only supports this feature for ProRes RAW FWIW.  Fine.
  • Premiere Pro opens Cinema Raw just fine (all types), however it does not provide access to the Canon Cinema Raw settings I would expect.  Just the normal Lumetri Color panel settings that are applied after raw conversion.  I'm looking more for like C200-level support where you can adjust Temp, Tint and Exposure in Raw conversion.
  • And the absolute prize goes to Canon's own Cinema RAW Development which won't even open the files.  Support for R5 Cinema Raw (Light) + clog3 is still pending, but I tried regular Cinema Raw + clog and clog-off and neither of those worked.  Maybe it doesn't work at all with files produced by firmware 1.3

I may try Resolve just to cross my Ts and dot my lower-case js, but I'm already paying for Premiere and own FCPX, so not really interested in buying a third software package.  I assume I can just wait for Canon to update and do my raw processing in Cinema RAW Dev to ProRes before importing into FCPX, but do I really have to wait for basic support by the manufacturer?

With the current state of things, I don't see much advantage to shooting Raw over 4K HQ clog3 for my purposes as you can't even post process it in a meaningfully different way, you just get more resolution.  I don't want to add a Ninja V+ as I am a hybrid shooting hobbyist.  I picked up an R5 over my Z6/Z7 so I could do everything in camera and have an articulated screen (the RF 50/1.2 and 15-35 didn't hurt, either).  For the record, I'm planning on shooting 4K HQ clog3 most of the time, but would like to have Raw as a reasonable option.  I'm wondering if I am missing something as a newb to Canon, the R5 and Cinema Raw.




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Wow.  I'm a goof.

After 3 days and like 6 visits into Premiere, I finally clicked on the correct source tab!  Damn this tiny m1 Mac screen!

If you click on Effect Controls tab, you then have to click on the Source tab nested under that (rather than the source tab at the same level as Effect Controls).  Whew!  Now I have the ability adjust Color Temp, Tint, Exposure, Color Space and Gamma as if I were doing it in camera!!!

Too bad Premiere is the slowest piece of software on Earth.  But, beggars can't be choosers.

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Try Resolve, I shoot 90% in RAW, and now RAW Light and on my Gaming Notebook is very fast to edit on 4k DCI timeline. I'm not a big fan of CLog3 as it introduce a bit too much noise on the shadows..... but I'm in the minority. 

I'm on PC and I think the M1 was just a big hype due to HW decoding of h265 10bit 4:2:2 but for the rest is a bit of a slow dog not really up for video editing especially with the 8 GB model. Resolve needs 8 GB Vram just for 4k how can it works well on a 8 GB shared ram.... 

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