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Anyone can recommend wedding videographer + photographer?

Amro Othman

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I know, not the usual topic... but I can find tonnes of photograpers for weddings in Paris but not a good videographer! The ideal would be a two man team, one photo and one video!


It's for my wedding. I would shoot the photos and videos myself but my woman obviously wasn't happy with that idea...


Appreciate any suggestions :)

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Hi Amro,


I shoot 3-4 weddings every year.  You can see examples of my wedding films on www.huwelijksvideos.be.

We are a 2-man team and prefer to shoot that way (since it makes the edits much more interesting), but I have shot weddings all by myself before too.  Which is of course more budget-friendly for the client.

My wife is a photographer, so when clients request both video and photo she's part of the team. 
A small sample of our photo work can be viewed at www.pascalgarnierphotography.tumblr.com (click weddings at the top of the page).  Also, all pictures on www.apuura.com are hers.  Even though those are mostly object and model stills, it should give you an idea.


My other film work can be seen at www.seenematic.com (music videos, promos, commercials, ...)


We would love to shoot a wedding video in Paris, wonderful city and background for a wedding !  My wife is pretty familiar with Paris, she visits the city 4-5 times a year.  She knows all the nice spots, parks, ...

I don't know if you want us to edit the footage too or if you want to edit it yourself (since you're a shooter yourself) ?  But we're flexible.  Of course, editing yourself would be cheaper for you.  If needed, I could just provide you with a couple of harddisks with all footage.

We use jibs, sliders and steadicam to keep things interesting.  We always lav mic both groom and bride. 
Currently we're shooting with a Pana G6 and Canon 5D MK IIII, but I'm waiting for my GH4 to arrive (so will be shooting with that camera this summer).  Also using an Atomos Ninja 2 to capture 10bit 422 ProRes.


I'm based in Ghent, Belgium, that's a 3-hour drive from Paris.  Je parle Francais, Anglais et Néerlandais.

I'll be in Paris for 2 days early May, I could meet then if you want to. 
But since your profile says you're in Dubai, I'm guessing you don't live in Paris, but will just be there for the wedding ?


Anyway, feel free to contact me to discuss what you're looking for.

Email me at info@huwelijksvideos.be, we can then set up a skype or I can call you.


Important detail : do you already have a set date ?




Kind regards,



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