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Sony AX100 4K video camera - how much rolling shutter is too much?

Andrew Reid

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I just watched the Camera Store review of the AX100. Apparently, the hotshoe will only work with proprietary microphones, etc. It is almost flush with the body, so impossible to use a Rode mic without some sort of adaptor. I guess the focus assist is also awkwardly placed for something all of us would probably be using on a regular basis. Still, quite nice image quality.

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That's not rolling shutter.  Those trains are actually bending the space-time continuum.   ;)

Thanks, I used Sony Movie Studio Platinum with no post processing except adding music and trimming.  As long as the camera is not moving and there is not too much movement, the image quality is excell

The Sony AX100 takes the relatively large 1" sensor from the RX10 and puts it in camcorder form factor with built in ND filter. However it appears that in reading out all the pixels on a 20MP se

Guest Ebrahim Saadawi

After testing it, it surprisngly exceeded all my expectations. I am stunned by how well it's built, and designed and how the images look. It feels like a mini c100/300 to use!

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I'll have to see if I can't get my hands on one, though I've already settled on the GH4. Sony is pretty well represented here, Panasonic is impossible to find, it looks like they're not interested in the Vietnamese market. In fact, I'll have to fly to Hong Kong or Kuala Lumpur next month to buy the GH4.

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