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Fuji 25mm F0.85? c-mount


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not without substantial modification to fit a micro 4/3 adaptor

you need a lathe!


Im selling my Pentax 25mm F1.4 c mount lens , it has great colors and contrast is very sharp and work on GH3

I use mine a my G6 (I have 2 of these great lenses)


f1.4 on a GH3 is a very narrow depth of field , about 1cm at f1.4 the lens produces great bokeh



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There's a modified Fujinon lens of this type on ebay right now.  I had to look up what it was after playing with a D16 at the Bolex booth at SXSW.  It looked spectacular wide open at f/0.85 and decided then and there that I'd have to get one if/when I get a BMPCC.  


It's not my lens, not my sale, but I figure I'd pass it along since I saw it just yesterday though it's quite a bit more expensive than Andy's:



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If you are using a gh3 and you want a fast cmount lens,  you would be better off buying a 25mm switar 1.4 for about $270.


Optically superior, won't require you to maim the lens to get it mounted and 0.85 dof is useless on a larger than 16mm sensor anyway.


even f1.4 as andy says is 1cm. So persons nose may be in focus but not their eyes :P

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@Andy (or anyone) do you have experience with other C-mount lenses?  I figure the Fujinon more or less automatically means CCTV and old video so it stands to reason a lens of the same focal length for 16mm film might be sharper.  What about these other c-mounts that I see like Comiscars, Computars, Navitars and Kern Switars?  


I'm familiar with Angenieux and, of course, Pentax but what would be manufacturers to more or less stay clear of for applications like the BMPCC and D16 given they're higher resolution than what any of these lenses were originally designed to resolve for?

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from my collection of ex cctv lens c mounts Im using on micro 4/3 cameras the Fujinon lenses are the best

optically as good as the carl zeiss Tevidon c mounts


Fujinons are very well made these are expensive lenses new and superb glass all made in Japan ,

these are machine vision lenses used in industry so cost is no object -


Pentax Cosmicar are also very good well made with good glass


the rest tend to be a bit hit and miss as they are cctv lenses in your local Seven Eleven etc , barrel distortion soft wide open etc

wierd apperture blades - triangle , square etc


One lens to do recomend is the Wollensak Cine Raptar 1 inch (25mm ) f1.9

this is a purpose made 16mm cine lens





It is a very good lens , the edges are straight , no barrel distortion at all on micro 4/3 and when past f2.8 it is very sharp

its a bit soft bloomy at f1.9 - but tak sharp past f2.8


its very well made from brass , its tiny  but packs a big punch!!


I was given one 15 years ago on a 16mm camera and only started using it when I got a micro 4/3 camera - its a hidden jem!

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Gotcha.  It seems fairly obvious, with some, when looking at a CCTV versus 16mm cine lens but I've also been reviewing streams that have various lens types in their description or tags.  Admittedly I had only ever considered using the BMPCC with a Speedbooster attached but after playing with that little Fujinon on the D16 it got me thinking a little differently, especially after seeing some of the prices compared to what I was expecting after looking up $5000 and $7000 (or more) Canon and even Century Optics lenses for Super-16mm.  


Seems like you could build a fairly nice little kit with a fast 25mm, 50mm and one of those sub-12mm lenses.  A few I could tell the lens was quite soft but I saw this one that had a fantastic quality about it that was softer than what I know you can get with the Pocket but it felt totally unlike anything else I'd ever seen shot on it and very analog.  


According to the fellow in the Bolex booth these lenses have a different background falloff than the same focal with an SLR stills lens.  I know that the engineering for something like that is possible (and what I'm assuming is incorporated into certain portrait lenses to enhance bokeh) but I wonder if it truly applies to the CCTV lenses versus "true" cine lenses designed for Super-16mm shooting.

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the Fujinon 35mm f1.7 is very good, you need to remove the rear collar - it unscrews then I epoxy glued it onto the micro 4/3 adapter


Its has a very cinematic look to it , I have the cheap chinese Fujian 35mm cctv lens off ebay and it is rubbish , this Fujinon is very good - a propper lens with good glass and its very cheap and NO VIGNETTING AT ALL ON MICRO 4/3


the 25mm f1.4 is excellent , especially outside at night as its fast, its great also as a general standard lens....a la Fincher ....see Creativecrit thread - very slight vignetting on micro 4/3 depending on lighting conditions


this is the Zeiss Tevidon 25mm f1.4

optically identical to the Fujinon 25mm




here is a good shoot out so you can these lenses



zeiss v fujinon - nothing in it!!


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