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Harrison Geraghty

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Yeah, it's a fantastic lens and works on full frame to a point.  You'll notice a bit of vignetting on your example and if you stop down past f4 on your 50mm it should progressively get worse and is likely unusable after 4-5.6 unless you crop.  Wide open it tends to produce an image with a slightly lighter center and subtly darker edges, which can look really great for centered subjects.  In very dark scenes you probably won't even notice the darkening edges as long as you keep pretty open.  It works similarly on my 5D Mark III with a Canon 85mm f1.8 EF until about f13 where the vignette becomes harder.  The 16mm version of the Bolex covers full frame nicely with my Nikon E Series 50mm f1.8.

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The little beast certainly delivers in sharpness and in character terms.  flares are lovely.  


It's not just the fact that they tend to vignette on full frame with anything but the longest lenses, but what a lot of people forget to factor in is light loss of these little anamorphics.  They simply cannot transfer enough light.  try a 85mm lens on aps-c or 135 on full frame and you'll notice the actual exposure on the sensor doesnt change when you open up the aperture wider than f5.6.  granted the depth of field changes, but the actual light trnasmission cannot accommodate the amount of light required at the bigger apertures.


Though if you have the light available this isnt an issue. - however for the costs of the xtra lighting the iscorama could have been bought..  

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