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Canon cinematographer workshop featuring Christopher Doyle, Stefan Ciupek and Franz Lustig comes to Berlin

Andrew Reid

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Canon actually admits the 5DIII is a film-making tool? Would love to be there just to see them giving lessons on how to use it without Magic Lantern on it... 



Ahah naw dude, these film festivals get funding and are sponsored with such guys like Audi and L'Oreal etc.


These are top class cinematographer giving their outlooks and experience rather than any technical lecture on gear.


I'd love to attend this one but I dang forgot to apply last October. Hrm maybe I can sneak in out the back with my Professional Festival Accreditation somehow...

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I would like to state that the headline is confusing since i was not the director of photography of Slumdog Millionaire, but  worked with Anthony Dod Mantle as 2nD camera operator and digital camera supervisor on that film. I hope to meet some of you at my workshop and am looking forward to that!


@ Andrew: I hope to meet you in Berlin and could you please make the changes that i pointed out? You could write Stefan Ciupek (digital camera supervisor, Slumdog Millionaire)


Stefan Ciupek.

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Nice to see you here Stefan. I've changed the article to be more specific and yes Anthony was the DP on Slumdog. He was quite an early adopter of digital, lots of pioneering work! Love it. Maybe Canon should re-phrase their PR text to make it clearer what your role on Slumdog was as well, as B-camera operator and supervisor of the SI-2K http://www.canon-europe.com/About_Us/Press_Centre/Press_Releases/Consumer_News/News/Berlinale_Talents_2014.aspx


Yes would indeed like to meet for a chat. Did you ever find a Blackmagic to have a go at grading it?



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