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  1. Sorry but this story about 4k cameras threatening DSLRs because (some) people may pull still images from video sounds like a world of bull crap to me, I have yet to be in a situation as a stills photographer were a continuous 4k burst at shutterspeeds ranging between 1/50 and 1/240 would be useful, let a lone practical. And if, in all seriousness, somebody will come along and tell me that dealing with terabites of raw video frames for a still or two just not to miss the right moment is the way to go I'd have to suggest that person to find a different occupation...
  2. Canon actually admits the 5DIII is a film-making tool? Would love to be there just to see them giving lessons on how to use it without Magic Lantern on it...
  3. Hi Andrew,    I have been reading your blog for a while and have always liked your posts but have probably become a regular only now that the whole RAW thing came up, that alone exceeded even my wildest dreams! First of all I'd like to say is: Thank you! Ever since I can remember I am running around with (video - the name alone somehow sucks) cameras pursuing my life long dream of capturing cinematic images (and I did not have the pleasure of a formal education in the field with the chance of ever shooting on real film) it has been a long way full of disappointments, get
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