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canon hybrid IS vs regular IS lenses for handhelded video


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I have a lot of L primes for my canon 5dIV. it is great for photo, but if i want to make video i have to use tripod or gimbal.

So i decide to bay lens with IS to use it for handheld video.

First thinking about primes 24IS or 35IS.

BUT then I hear that lens with macro capability like 24-70/4IS, 100L IS, ef-s 35IS have something canon call "Hybrid IS" and that it is more effective for hand held video shoo than regular IS.

I try to research this subject but without success.

Are Hybrid IS (introduced 2009) implement only in macro lens or all new lenses use the same technolgy?

Are Hybrid IS really better for handheld video?

Now i am in doubt should 24-70/4L be more useful for handhelded video than 24is or 35is?

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yea there are a little took about this type od stabilisation. 

what i am interested, as hybrid IS is introduces in 2009, how lens with hybrid IS like 24-70/L IS compare to new lens like 24/2.8is 35/is 24-05II.

are fotage with 24-70is more steady than with 24IS?

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