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Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera + Tokina 28-70mm f2.6

Mr. Freeze

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I recently got an older Tokina 28-70mm f2.6/2.8 for a great price (used look on the outside, but it is what´s inside, that counts 😆).

So I used my Viltrox Focal Reducer (Nikon to MFT) and used it with my Micro Cinema Camera. I already knew that this lens is more on the Vintage-side, that´s why I wanted on in the first place. So I´d say 2.6 is very soft, too soft for my taste actually, so most shots start at f4 and go up to f8 for some shots. There is one shot at f2.6, but it just proved that the softness wide open is really obvious.

Still, a great lens that can deliver a great vintage look, gives a nice bokeh and is really well crafted:


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I have this same lens (it's based on an Angénieux design) and the same camera. It's great!

Here are a couple of examples; this is on my original Pocket Cinema Camera, not the Micro, as it's faster to set up (no external monitor required as long as it's not too bright outside). Using a Metabones speedbooster, Nikon version as I also have the Nikon version of this lens (so I could have manual aperture control).


As a contrast, here's some footage of the geese taken with a Helios 44-2; I don't use a speedbooster with that lens so it becomes a telephoto on the Pocket or Micro:


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