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How do I connect the NX1 to a MacBook for streaming?


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First off, I recently applied the hack to the NX1, primarily to remove the video record limit.  I'm super happy with it and Thanks to all involved in that!  

Now I'm trying to use my NX1 as a streaming camera.  I was able to use the Samsung Remote Studio program on my Lenovo T420 to connect my NX1 to the laptop via a micro USB B to a USB 3 cable.  Problem was that computer was so old, it crashed and ran really poorly when I could get it to work. 

I recently got a 2019 MacBook 13" and I'm trying again.  Unfortunately, I can't seem to find a mac OS version Samsung Remote Studio.  I'm not sure they ever released one.  When I plug in to my USB hub, the camera does not show up in the Finder.  I attempted to download and use the Samsung i-Launcher app but that didn't seem to get me any closer and I ran into a lot of issues.  I don't even think it works the way I'm looking for anyway.  

IF I connected the NX1 to my USB hub via a HDMI to HDMI mini would I be able to connect to OBS, YouTube Streaming, IG Live, or FB Live, without an intermediary app like Samsung Remote Studio?   

Are their ANY other options for connecting the NX1 to a Macbook Pro for use as a streaming camera?

Thanks for any help you can offer.  This community seems to be the last bastion of NX1 owners who are trying to get the most out of it.   


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You may have to install Windows to be able to use the USB shooting mode. Samsung barely made an app for Android and iOS and now that doesn’t even work at all for iOS and spotty for android. I tried to see if Lightroom would allow live shooting but it didn’t. Not sure there is a better option than using Windows at this point. 


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I also downloaded and tried Samsung Remote Studio using my surface pro tablet and couldn't get it to work correctly'

I've been trying to use my nx1 as a webcam so I recently bought the El Gato HD60 S+

I have had issues with it using NX Cameras.

Whenever I hook the nx1 or nx500 up to the device, regardless of the output settings, I get an image that is tinted yellow.

This happens on both my nx1 bodies with the latest 2 firmware updates. So weird.

I also tried a friends capture device, the Avermedia Live Gamer Portable 2 Plus and that just showed a black screen when the nx1 was hooked up to it.

All my other cameras work fine with the el gato hd60 S+, so I think it's something with the nx1 output or how the el gato is reading it.

So weird because the nx1 outputs fine to my smallHD monitors and other devices.

I've reached out to el gato tech support and they've responded, but no solution this far.

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