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Buying USA camera for Europe


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Hi there,


I'm a newbie in terms of filmmaking and I'm just starting.

I'm from Europe and looking to grab a nice deal on a RX1 Camera from US.


I'm aware of differences in Video recording (60p vs 50p) my main question is: buying a US camera that records in 60p (60i) will that be an issue for me?


What problems do I might have on editing and playing movies on Web / TV ?


Please enlight me.


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Not sure about the Rx1 but sometimes you have to be careful.
For example the Sony Rx10:
US Version only 60p (asked at Sony store Las Vegas and couldn't find it in the settings)
European Version 50p AND 60p (checked it in a store in Germany)

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Thank you for the answers.


I'm looking Ebay deals so I don't know if I can confirm if it's new or older model... is there any menu / firmware version that I can as sellers to check?


What if I get stuck with an RX1 NTSC version, how this will affect my videos / video editing (i guess this is obvious for you guys, but not for me! :) )

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You can shoot away fine with 24p, I did it for a while with a Japanese GH2 in Europe, just make sure the shutter is at 1/50 and you don't shoot at night with a high shutter speed as your lights will flicker and strobe.


As for 60p, you will need to set the shutter to 1/100 which isn't ideal.


My advice is to check the import tax!!

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I've contacted Sony Support about the supposed NTSC/PAL switch on US cameras and here's the reply:




Thank you for contacting Sony Support.

We appreciate that you want to purchase a Sony camera and I see that you want to inquire if there is a model that can switch from NTSC to PAL color system and vice versa.

Sony RX-1 and RX-1R cameras that are sold in the US support NTSC only and have a 60i mark on the camera itself. There is no option to switch color systems on the cameras that have a 60i mark.

You may want to consider the 50i- compatible Sony DSC-RX1 and DSC-RX1R models which have the option to change color system from NTSC to PAL and vice versa. You can distinguish this model by the 50i mark on the camera body. These models are not normally sold in the US.
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