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On Test - The Final Slr Magic Anamorphot 50 X 1.33

Andrew Reid

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Strange that the flare in your footage is not blue like Andrew's. It's white or little green (ND filter?).

Andrew said "..it remains blue no matter what the light source is.". So maybe a different kind of prototype?


The version taken to LA could have been the final version of the SLR Magic - Anamorphot. We had been trying hard to change the flares to blue and we managed to succeed just before we start shipping out the units to our volunteer testers. The coating is now final and flares will be blue. Legacy anamorphic adapters usually flare white, yellow, or green. Cinema anamorphics usually flare blue streaks so we tried very hard to make the lens flare the same way cinema anamorphics do.

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Hello Andrew

Nice Blog Forum and reviews

could you please tell me if we can use the Anamorphot with zoom like the sigma 18-35 1.8 ?




Hello JuanK, and welcome to the jungle.


No you can't use zoom or lenses with bigger front element than 50mm


more info:



"The lens it's fitted to should have a front element diameter smaller than 50mm or vignetting is likely, as the adapter's rear element (or its clean aperture, at least) is 50mm. Also note that the weight of the adapter makes it unsuitable for direct attachment to most servo-focus primes as the load on the focusing mechanism would be excessive. "

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I much preferred that natural flare version above to the vivid blue. It is pretty distracting in many situation to have royal blue lines across your image, but a natural, context sensitive flare can do wonders.


Still, it'll work for hip-hop and blade runner style vids! But I think it may turn away a fair few people... a natural coloured flare can settle in any genre, even realistic narrative.

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Thanks Andrew for your feedback


I'm already very interested in the Anamorphot adapter, I really love the frames

from andrew on this review with the final product (whith blue flare). I will order for sure!!!


IF you make a bigger one a  2X  I will order also one


keep going , nice products

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