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EOS 7D Mark II in Q2 2014


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what?.... they are worried about the opposite... the big spenders ditching the $15k cameras for a $3k camera.


Yeah... Like that will happen.


Can you honestly see any C300 users who have made their money back 10x over in as many weeks want to go back to a DSLR without HD-SDI or XLR? Purely for the image? I doubt it.

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The 7D will just be the 5D mk3 for video except with a cropped sensor and Dual Pixel AF, and hopefully it'll be a thousand bucks cheaper.  It's not going to be revolutionary though, it'll just be the best Canon cropped sensor camera for sports and birding photography that you can get outside of the 1D series.


It's going to have a 22-24 MP sensor that's going to line skip and hopefully have an AA filter, or else you'll have to deal with moire.  It's not going to have better video than a C100, while missing all the extras that make the C100 great.  It'll be one third the price of a C100, but twice as much as a GH3.  The times have moved on a bit, the 7D mk2 won't be enough for most film makers when there are some amazing cameras available for half of what it's gonna cost, and much better featured ones for just a thousand more.


Of course there are two reasons why you'd want to get it rather than something else: RAW video potential (if Canon doesn't go with a single SD card slot) and lens investment.  But honestly, will it really be much better than a 70D for video (right now weather sealing is the only big adv. for video usability)?  Will it be much better than a GH3 (other than slightly better low light)?  Plus the RAW capability for the Canons is severely overrated for non-short form projects, for example ones where an actors performance or usability is the real key, not aesthetics.  They're not A-cam material if you have a small budget and need to rely on its footage.


I was initially excited.  I don't need a full frame sensor, or to shoot much at 3200 ASA, so a 7D mk2 sounded like a better choice if it were to come out cheaper than the 5D.  But looking at how the market is shifting, I could get a FS100 one of these days soon for the price of a 5D mk3.  It's been almost 3 years since the C100 came out, someone's going to come up with something cheaper, but just as good, soon too.  These Canons are fantastic stills cameras, but they're not worth their price for video anymore.

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