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Consumer DSLRs "dead in 5 years"

Andrew Reid

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DSLR video isn't shrinking. If it was shrinking, my Google Analytics would tell a very different story. At the height of the DSLR revolution in 2010 - 900,000 visits. So far in 2013 before the year is even out - 6 million.


2 million of them unique!


Yeah tiny market yada yada!


Point taken. But also consider that EOSHD is more or less the last DSLR/mirrorless DIY filmmaking site out there while others have disappeared or shifted focus. In 2010, EOSHD had much more competition (Philipp Bloom's blog, ProLost, Cinema5D, DVXuser ...). 

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I dont think point and shoots are dead. the digital variety are just not fun to use and are a real pain. I'd love a digital one of these to carry around in my pocket, full frame and all. Olympus%20XA2-2.jpg


the sony rx is a step in the right direction. in 10 years they'll be a hundred quid :-) as far as consumer dslrs are concerned, yep theyre fucked lol. The new sony mirrorless offerings show where that's going. Sony really need to get their lenses sorted out, that's really nikon/canon's only real advantage these days. Dslrs will go they way of the rangefinder and tlr.

When I 'retired' from photography in 1987, that Olympus infinity was my staple Point & Shoot. I got a start in ebay selling with it too.
BUT then I graduated myself to a digital point and shoot in 2004 (Nikon coolpix5000) -just for grins and you are right. It was a huge pain to use, BUT once I got the hang of it ( about 6 months ) I learned to live with it AND it paid me back in 'spades' $$$. SO much so that I added a bigger sibling in 2009 (Nikon Coolpix 8800) for a book project and that has definitely paid off in spades $$$$.
Not to sound smart arse or anything, but you might rethink this thought.....
"the digital variety are just not fun to use and are a real pain" because after the pain has passed, there is nothing but pleasure and the zero cost image capture is just amazing ...
Judge for yourself>>> and oh! there are about 10,000 other images not shown here in various categories that are even more spectacular waiting to be published.
Never underestimate a teenie weenie Nikon sensor...
Someday I will graduate to a DX/APS-C/Super35 soon I hope.

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