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The ultimate Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera lens - Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 with Speed Booster

Andrew Reid

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Yeah, the image circle is probably big enough. I've put a Sigma 18-35mm on a 5D2... 18mm is tunnel vision, but at 35mm it almost covers fullframe.


I take it you don't have a M4/3 camera and speed booster? What I'd like to see is samples, and to get an indication of what the widest usable focal length would be.

EDIT: I did some math, using a full frame 18mm still, and technically, coverage should be fine for GH3 video. However, based on the same test, the GH2's 16:9 should be fine too, so I'm not really sure what to believe.

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Could you please provide links (amazon.uk etc) of the Lens and Speedbooster you used? I loved the image quality and I am planning to buy a BMPCC in the near future but I am also convinced the accessories you used would make a great fit for the camera.


Thanks a lot :)

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Hi Andrew, thanks heaps for the review and video. Very thorough and informative! I also enjoyed your accompanying video. You mentioned that the lens has a longish focus travel. So would you say it is definitely not an issue for pulling focus. This is the only thing putting me off purchasing this lens for my BMPCC and opting for modified Fujinon 12.5 and 25. Obviously the zoom is preferable.
What are your thoughts?
Cheers again man


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Hi Andrew.  Great footage, some of the best I've seen.  Maybe I missed it in your description.  I was under the impression that the Sigma lens needed to be powered in order to open the iris and iris control.  I didn't see an independently powered adapter for the lens.  Does the power come from the camera, through the metabones speed booster?  Thanks!

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Sigma is parfocal based on reports online, at the blackmagic forums and elsewhere.


There is contradicting "evidence" on the net. This video shows that it's parfocal:


This video shows that it isn't:


Well, mine isn't. If you zoom in, focus, and then zoom out, the focus has changed slightly. Subtly. Barely noticeable. But it is not parfocal.


The zoom ring is porno. Very soft, yet very strong resistance. Easy to ease-in-ease-out. Harder if you want to zoom fast.


There is another peculiar effect with the SB: The backfocus changed. ∞ is not ∞, but a little closer. Perhaps this is normal: There is a mark on the focus ring before âˆž, and that's it. Strange.


What many will not expect is the degree to which the SB in combination with this lens amplifies, er, light. In daytime, the zebra flashes indoors, and you obviously can't close the Sigmas aperture enough with the SBs 1-7 stops.


So I will need an ND solution, even if I don't look for shallow DoF, but just for the extended FOV. I talked to a photographer, and he said he'd prefer good fixed filters over an ND fader, for quality reasons. You could change them fast with a magnetic adapter like this. Cost more, all in all, than a Genus Eclipse or Tiffen VariND. But better than a mattebox with filter trays. Because to get the same quality, you'd need to spent a fortune. You'd have to rent them. Never think that Pocket implies pocket money ...

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I would really love to see how tlens does against a $47,000 + tax cinema lens like the Optimo 15-40mm T2.6 because I honestly think it would come close.

Blackmagic must share a similar philosophy, because the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera gives an image that in many ways exceeds the $15,000 Canon C300 especially when paired with the Metabones Speed Booster.

Read the full article here

Andrew, do you use any type IR filters with the sigma and bmpcc combo? I just picked up a Tiffen IRND 1.8 to start my kit, but was curious what you use?
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