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new nd filters for lens adapters


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i have their variable nd filter, it is quite good.

wish they had more options as i am a fuji user, maybe in a few monthes.

the only downside i had is that some filters are on back orders sometimes, small company


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I was wondering when some company was going to do that.    Some time ago, I found that some adapters have a small ledge in them and in one case, found it had a circular edge that almost exactly fit the glass from 43mm filters.     I had been playing around with filters of that size to fit into the rear slot of my ancient Tamron 300 2.8 but to get it to fit, I had to file some of the metal edge off and then after realising it was about the same size as the space in one of my adapters, I filed the rest of the rim off (was just a cheap IR filter to start) and it fit very well with most lenses (some were a little long against the glass) as the depth was almost the same as the ledge depth as well as being the right size.

I started looking for an apodization filter which became my holy grail.

I stopped when my A7s camera died but have just got a cheap little Sony APSC camera so will start trying it again.

If anyone knows of any (cheap- I know, I know) apodization filter, please let me know.     I had found a few companies that did make them but not in the size I needed (some might have made me one but it would have been cheaper to buy one of the few lenses that have those filters built in and I can not afford those).

Maybe this company might start doing that? 

I have posted about this before.   This is the IR filter glass in the adapter and showing the bare ledge and a photo taken (as taken) using the filter behind my Canon 17mm TSE (a IR filter for my front filter holder would be huge and expensive for the lens otherwise).





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