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New Pop video for MTV shot on Panasonic G6

andy lee

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I Directed and shot this new video for the artist Stephanie Wright last month.

I shot the whole video on the Panasonic G6 with Carl Zeiss Contax N mount Vario Sonnars and Canon FD L Series glass, plus Panasonic Lumix 14mm for wides and Carl Zeiss Biometar 85mm for face shots

Akai/Canon C mount zoom with x2 converter for mega crash zooms (x2 converter gives extreme circular bokeh madness in camera on the sitting down shots- thats not done in post)

It was shot in a heat wave 35 degrees heat plus all the heat from the lights in the Studio we used

and no issues with the G6 it performed amazingly well no crashes or battery pulls .

Battery life was very long too , whole shoot on one battery !! I was amazed .

The record label wanted a monchrome look so I shot it all on 'Naural'picture profile and it was desated in post.

All the slo mo shots where done at 50fps then manipilated even slower in post.


G6 is now my camera of choise , my Hacked gh2s are not getting used much now ,

G6 picture quality is so good, the image detail is outstanding ,

32gb card gives 2.5 hrs recording time which is amazing.









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I love the editing & the sfx.  Nice work.  The slow mo is very nice as well.  But some of the wider shots of the guy doing the jump tricks really look like video... that's Panasonic's fault, not yours! :)  Overall, I can say "great job!"  It's way beyond anything I can do...




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