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quick advice if possible

Dan Wake

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I have done a school and I have done two works (I shot a little short and I did a video art project for a friend). My experience is not zero but close to 1. I hope that getting a 7D could be a nice experience to do exercises with my future and present light equipment. 

I follow Deakins forum hoping to understand how to light a scene as cinematographer. I just want to know if this "lighting exercise" have a sense to do with h264 or it must be done in raw: dynamic range is dramatically improved in raw and light is captured in a totally different way.

does anyone of you works as cinematographer with raw cameras and can give to me any advice please? thx

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The more I read this thread the more I agree with Paulio.  Get the Gh2, a very active community both on EOSHD and PersonalView.  I have a $100 GF3 and I think it probably takes better video than the 7D.  I have that camera with a $30 Fujianan lens and it's a blast!  For straight video, Panasonic gives the best bang for the buck.


RAW is VERY, VERY difficult and expensive.  I've been working with it for a month and I think the minimum you need is 50D, $400, 10-20mm lens, $500, 16GB 1000 card, $65, external sound recorder, $100, a fast i7 PC, a terabyte external hard drive.  You should know something about ffmpeg in my opinion and basic photo editing.  Experience using a NLE is mandatory of course.  You should know what DNG is.   Lastly, if you don't have a clear reason why you want RAW you don't want it.   I seriously think of quitting it every few days.  And I've been working with video for decades.  


Again, those Panasonic cameras do fantastic stuff.  Even with my RAW stuff, I have the Panasonic nearby when I need a sanity check.

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