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New Olympus E-M1 with "moire reduction" but no 24p

Andrew Reid

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Pretty interesting about the new colour creator feature, it can be applied to video too! Does that mean goodbye to 4X4 coloured filters? :P   Its like colour grading in camera.

The colour creator feature is just a gimmick like having scene modes. Why would you want a burned in colour grade when you have more control doing it in post & can change your mind & try other grades. With thus feature if you shoot in B&W it stays B&W.
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I found a couple of original 1080p30 files that I've lost now. 


Though the stabilisation was good, the codec is mushy and the 30p is very video like.


Let's hope this 5-axis technology appears in a better body.


It's just such a dumb waste. Up the bit rate and offer better frame rates, and they'd get a hell of a lot more sales, and lose none.


Oh well, what does the market know, right?  :blink:

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Not going to happen according to Olympus.




"We are concentrating on priority matters, specifically establishing nice still image quality. This is our priority as a camera manufacturer and our reputation on the market is for still. So, that’s one of the reasons. But there is another matter because even if we go in the direction of video, Panasonic already has really nice MFT cameras for video. We like to show the total possibility of the entire MFT line-up, and if we start to focus on video capabilities, it may be misleading to the market. They may think that MFT is only suitable for video and we don’t want to give that impression."

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That's very short sighted, he's quite wrong.


Simply allowing one or two more frame rates in the options menu wouldn't mislead consumers or harm anything.


No one looking for a still camera will look at the specs and say "This has 30p AND 25p, IT'S A CAMCORDER! I WON'T BUY IT"


However, someone looking for a video camera will not purchase because it's 30p only.


Even using the most basic "gamblers argument" Olympus have made the wrong decision and reduced their sales for no good reason.

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