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Isco "1.5x-36" vs serial number


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Greetings all,


Can anyone give me a definitive answer on whether the two different versions of the Isco 36 (printed "1.5x-36" or those with a serial number) are actually different lenses?  The excellent anamorphic guide says that the two are "practically the same" optically, and the difference is a slightly smaller rear element on the serial number versions.


I have a project where I need a pair of identical lenses, so "practically the same" may not be good enough - is anyone able to tell me if the slight physical differences actually result in any difference in the footage, adapter use, focal distances, etc?  (to clarify, I already have a 1.5x-36 and am now trying to source another that MUST be optically identical, and would like to be sure of the differences before committing the bucks to a serial number version, which seems to be more readily available than the 1.5x)


Appreciate the help, and if anyone has a version with "1.5x-36" printed on it (non-MC) they want to part with, I am a SERIOUSLY keen!


Thanks, Jeff

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As far as I know they are not the same! Isco developed the early Iscoramas for 35mm stills cameras. Then they started to make anamorphics especially to the Super-8 marktet. They had cooperations with Bauer, Beaulieu, Schneider (Iscorama Cinegon) and also made the Iscorama 36 as a single attachment without lens. These Iscoramas "only" had a 1.5x stretch as they were never built for the pro market. 2x stretch is too much for the small Super-8 film. 

Sorry... that was OT... I am pretty sure that there will in any case be a difference with the older Iscorama and a 36 as the 36 has a different coating. 

Astonishingly I think you can mix an early nonMC 54 with an early Iscorama (I actually do that and think it is okay).


Again just my opinion and I don't own a 36 but that is what I heard from some other people. And I also think that was discussed here before...?



PS Found it: http://www.eoshd.com/comments/topic/2282-iscorama-36-vs-iscorama/

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i remember reading here somewhere,

a post not too long ago.

i don't think there's an actual glass difference besides the size rear element




there's a coating difference.  the original iscoramas i think have less of a coat than the iscorama 36.  so they give an amber flare.  the iscorama's have a cooler/bluer flare (i believe it was andrew reid's post that he was theorizing that all the 36s actually were actually multicoated regardless of the MC designation or not).  something like that, someone correct me if i have my facts wrong.


** oh yeah Rudolf found the post above.



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I recently did a modification job to a non 36 iscorama and tested it against my own iscorama 36 (single coated).  the difference is slight, but nothing that should convince you to not use both on the same job.   same flare colour, coatings, fov, sharpness.


though most '36's are multi coated it would seem.  

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