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Joffre Lakes / Matier Glacier DSO and Iscorama on D800

Rob Bannister

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Some great footage shot from the hike up to Joffre Lakes / Matier Glacier. Shot mostly using my DSO lens and Iscorama Anamorphic lens. I had a great time and you get to see Kjeld slack line next to 2nd lake. Make sure to check it out in 1080P and let me know if you have any questions or CC



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EOSHD Pro Color 5 for Sony cameras EOSHD Z LOG for Nikon CamerasEOSHD C-LOG and Film Profiles for All Canon DSLRs

I had the BMD Hyperdeck shuttle 2 for some of it. I ended up selling it because I felt that you were not gaining enough quality for the cost and weight it added to the rig. Mostly this is all shot recording to the internal CF and SD slots. The flaat profiles were sent to me in an email as an update that seems to have reduces some really bad noise an mushy parts in the end. I'll try to find out if those are up yet they were send to me in may so it should be available. I think he sent them because I ended up paying for those other 2 versions the 9 and 13stops. I usually sty around the 10-11 range though.

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Hey Rob, great looking video, man! :)


I have a couple questions for you, if you don't mind. hehehe


1 - Why are the longer lens takes way less contrasty than the rest? Almost hazy. Problems with the taking lens, or it's done on purpouse?


2 - How come some shots the whole background seems to be shaking? Most closes of Kjeld's face on the slackline, and one near the end as well. Stabilization done on post? :)

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1. I was more in the light then the wide shots, created more of a flare so I left them that way. The wider shots I was back next to a tree not getting the same cast of light.


2. yes I did a bit of a stabilize in post and a bit of rolling shutter fixing. Well as much time as I wanted to spend on them anyways, my kit was small as I had to hike in 5-6Kms and 400 meter elevation and I sit on the computer all the time so Im out of shape dammit haha I just used the edelkrone pocket rig trying to rack with the isco so it still came out a bit shaky..


I did the edit in premiere then exported the xml to resolve so that I could render clips with handles and then did all the sharpen, grain, CC and stabilizing work in Nuke, then back to premiere for final output.

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This was the email I recieved, I will email him and ask if its out of beta so I can share a link or something.



I'm sending this to you because you made a donation. There's a new
version out, the first non-beta version, and I wanted donors to be the
first ones to get it.

What to expect:
* Same colors (based on Portrait, so: better skin tones than with
Neutral-based profiles)
* Less noise in the shadows (I simplified the curve and raised the
black point, I think this cleans up the shadows a little bit, please
tell me what you think)
* Similar DR (the camera won't give me any more), maybe slightly
better in the highlights (very slightly), and also in the shadows if
you think in terms of "usable"

There's a difference for grading: I raised the black poing slightly,
so you'll have to bring it down in post. This is what's giving me
slightly cleaner shadows. It's not overdone, so it won't give you the
noisy-midtones issue of Canon's CineStyle."

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Nice footage. How easy do you find it to get stable footage out of the Edelkrone pocket rig?


I'd love to have some affordable and more portable rig to get stable handheld footage with the D800, without carrying too much stuff with me... Been trying to just use the Velbon Ultra Maxi Mini tripod that I have for some shots, and it it's a cheap solution that works so-so, but I bet getting one point attached to shoulder should be far better.

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It is night and day, now I could have done a lot better but I had walked a lot that day with tons of gear and was a bit tired from sleeping on the ground the night before so I didnt do my best. I should do a test showing with and without...so much to do but I really recommend the pocket rig. It just looks and feels like you have a battery grip on your camera.

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