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Camera Setup for 3D


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Hello everybody,


First i would like to thanks this forum and Andrew Reid for the quality of the reviews. It really helped me a lot in learning photography, so i will not thank you enough for this.


Regarding my topic, I'm a Visual Effect Artist starting a career in the industry in London.

My main skills are in 3D (stereoscopic) post-production, and I'm establishing a new small studio for this particular tasks.


Our budget is approx 10k-15k $, so i would like to ask to you guys, what do you think it will be the best buy for this kind of range? 

We need to buy at least 2 Camera (same type obv) and a Stereo Rig for future jobs.

Red Scarlet is way too expensive at the moment, so what's about the new Blackmagic 4k Production Camera? Does 2x 5D MkIII will be a good bet for this kind of work or do we need to focus on something else?

The main aspect concercing this choice is the quality of the image. Keep in mind that we need to work on shots in post too, not just grading, but putting in it a variety of digital Visual Effects (mainly with Nuke, Maya, After Effects).


Thanks to all

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10k-15k may not go far enough to acquire cameras AND a decent beam splitter rig in my opinion


I would suggest possibly investing in a matched pair of cameras, and hiring a proper beam splitter rig for jobs when needed.

Unless you are literally shooting stereo everyday as your main income, it makes no sense to invest in the equipment yourself.


I would personally contact a hire company that has Stereo rig expertise and get some familiarity with the equipment and rental options, if you are serious about quality stereo content, you will almost definitely benefit from hiring top end rig equipment in as and when you need.


Or shoot mono and pay yourself for the stereo conversion work :)


If you are in London, these are the guy's to talk to: http://www.onsight.co.uk/camera-rental/3d

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Thanks SuRu, it's a good way to start.


To Hans Punk: I got your point, but Stereo will be my main content, and 2DtoStereo is very different from "native-shooting" 3D, workflow and pipeline wise.

Maybe i will start hiring and trying to build up a more consistent budget for the tasks.


Anyway thanks again :)

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