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Apple reveal new 4K equipped Mac Pro suitable for uncompressed raw editing. Not just pro but genius!

Andrew Reid

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Well, certainly I cannot say I like. The heat go up in your desktop at 10" i don't know. I'm a long time Mac Pro user but for me this is a Mac Mini Pro, but certainly i prefer this to a Imac.   My t

The new Mac Pro is the height of a bottle of wine, with the diameter of a small cookie jar. Cutting edge in terms of technology it's also a radical departure from the old models in terms

Grant says it works very well - http://forum.blackmagicdesign.com/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=8898 Seems to have got a pre-production to play with? 

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There are indications (wallpaper resolutions found in developer builds) that the next Thunderbolt display from Apple will be retina-density 5K 5120x3200 (double WQXGA). That would let you have a full-res 4K preview on on a screen with lots of edit controls alongside. Nice!

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So 2999$ for a quad-core, 3999$ for the six-core.


Where is the announced 12-core and how much it will be ?


So who's getting a Mac Pro ?


There have been heated discussions elsewhere. Let me give a résumé:


• It's not a workstation, as Schiller said. It has comparatively low render performance through single CPU. People made a list, that besides Thunderbolt you can screw together the $3999 MP with the original parts for $1500, including assembly by the shop. Inside an ugly PC tower with two fans, internal SSD raids, making it an actual workstation. You can safely run OSX on it, best and without 'issues' as a virtual machine. They have experience with Hackintoshs and guarantee, the only difference in usability would be that it had no 'sleep mode'. On or off. And the virtual machine would consume ~ 2 GB RAM.


• This ignorates the concept, as I see it, of a media hub for FCP X. It no longer is a server. You don't copy all your big video files blind on a server. It's plug in, view, edit, export and eject. The FCP X way. That's what all the external Thunderbolt-connectivity is for. Makes no sense for Premiere. I like the idea very much. In theory.


• For most contemporary tasks, it is too much. As long as you really don't want to start with 4k, which I really see as a meander and cul-de-sac, you'll never exhaust it. A faster MBP would have been more appropriate. Or the fastest iMac. And in four years, when you will exhaust it, the graphic cards may well start at 12 GB. And then you can't upgrade that system.

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