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Camera upgrade to shoot mountain biking


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10 hours ago, tbonne said:

Take a look at Bryn North's youtube channel. He has one video with Matt Hunter in Madeira. Pretty sure he used a GH5 and his parter a 1DX ii. They used to do a bunch of videos for Specialized's athletes. I know cause my better half is one, so I hung around Bryn and Etienne for a while. They would always go light and stealth with a GH5 & 1DX ii and do amazing stuff

Yep i've watched that clip. Very cool. I'll check out more of his stuff.

7 hours ago, thebrothersthre3 said:

The XT3 Auto focus is better than the A6300. So if that was working for you, the XT3 won't disappoint. Of course you'll also get way better rolling shutter performance, 10 bit, and 4k 60p.

Autofocus was always good on the Sony.

Another challenge i face is low light. When i did my first MTB attempt with the Sony i had some underexposed shots (slow motion was massively underexposed) using the 18-105 f4 lens at f4. We were under heavy tree cover with overcast sky.

For the X-T3 i went with the 18-55 2.8-4.5 as the main lens hoping to somewhat counter that and i also grabbed the 35 f2.  If i still have issues the 16mm f1.4 is probably the solution.

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