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Matching Fuji, Panasonic and Canon


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1 hour ago, thebrothersthre3 said:

I have the X-T3 so I'll get an X-T2 next. I just don't really need IBIS. The Xt2 also apparently has less moire in HD 60p and 120p. Might eventually get a 3rd XT2 or XT3 plus external recorder. My setup for weddings is two shooters plus a 3rd unmanned camera doing a wide shot which needs no record limits. Using a G7 atm, which works for now.

Yeah, it's great if you can keep compatibility between bodies but cover the range of nice features (slow-motion, recording limits, as you say) between them so you've got the right tools for the job.

It's also nice if you can work out what combinations seem to work nicely together too.  For example if you decided that for gimbal shots you always wanted a 50mm FOV and slow-motion then there's a chance that you could just leave that lens on the XT2.  Perhaps you'd have your unmanned G7 with a wide lens, and perhaps the other one might be a longer length for tighter shots.  Obviously these are just examples, but the less you have to be swapping lenses, putting cameras on and off gimbals, swapping filters and all that fiddling the better.

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