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Nikon Z, how to get to M video from any PASM stills mode?


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In any normal camera like Panasonic, Sony or Olympus, you choose Video mode (PASM) independently from stills mode. I always shoot video in M mode. But stills in different modes. When I switch to video, I want it always to go to M mode, regardless of stills mode.

But, in Nikon Z, whenever you switch to video mode, you are limited to the same still mode that you were shooting before.

For example, if your mode dial is set to P mode in stills, when you switch to video, it will be P as well. So you have to move mode dial first to M and only then switch to video.

Any way to work it around?

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Nikon Z allows three user settings ... 3 in stills and 3 in video. Probably best if you set the user setting in stills ... U1 for instance then setting for video on U1.

When you change from stills to video in U1 you can go from P in stills to M in video ... should work ... have not tried it as I do most everything in M.

U1 could be 4K 24P and U2 1080 crop.


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