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Do you really need a larger format?


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34 minutes ago, mercer said:

I don’t know if what you need really exists in a single camera. You may be better off getting a video/cinema camera (C100 mark ii?) and a stills camera.

Yes, I have been thinking about that as well. I was thinking of getting an a7R II for stills and MAYBE a BMPCC4K for video... but not sure about the DR and the low light ability in real world of BMPCC4K. Seems like it might be a bit better than GH5 according to wolfcrow... but not by a whole lot:


26 minutes ago, Drew Allegre said:

Honestly sounds like the a73 comes pretty close to checking those boxes (colors always debatable and subjective of course).

I think you are right: a7III would be pretty darn close. I think the Z6 has the potential to edge out the a7 III (FOR MY NEEDS), mostly in terms of colors and Nikon has been pretty good with DR. My D750 (since sold) had really good DR, but the 1080p was soft(ish), even when compared to the 1080p on my old a6000 and my even older a5100 (which cost me a whopping US $125 off craigslist).

But then again, 4K 60p might be worth waiting for...

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