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d5200 or gh3 for video?


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i have just put away d5100, as for video was poor, both in quality and in capability of use


I  made my mind up for gh3..but too high in price, trying to get some bargain but it is very difficult

now  comeout that d5200 is competitive to gh3..and cheaper

i saw some footage test ...and i must say it looks nice, but compared to gh3.

cant' totally tell as in different video appear different.

looks like defintiion it is very good, but color and light in some footage makr better d5200 in other gh3

so i ask to someone who own both or tested both

what is better in what? why gh3 and why d5200?

what better choice though?

is 5200 software better than 5100 or still the same limit? (can't make really manual work and limited by liveview)

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I have shot with both the GH3 and the D5200, and I have found that the GH2 (or possibly the upcoming G6) is a better value when it comes to shooting video. GH3 is pretty great all around but it has some problems with moire, and the D5200 has ugly fixed noise patterns at all ISOs. GH2 has limited dynamic range, but that can be worked around. Any banding I get is not as distracting to my eye as moire or FPN. For the price, GH2 gets my vote.

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If the G6 can be hack it would likely be superior to the GH2 hacked.  The footage I've seen from the D5200 looks fantastic but it is hampered by the bitrate, codec, and video-centric options in comparison to the GH2.  GH2 remains the best value, I'd say the GH3 edges out all of them in terms of recording options (various codecs, bitrates, and 1080 60p), dynamic range, ergonomics, and video functions.

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I don't know if its unreliable but this particular comparison is not right.

The G6 has a mic socket and it does 24 fps, plus 60fps for slow-motion.


I was between a d5200 and a Gh2 as the GH3 it's out of my budget,  but at the end the improvents on the G6 (better viewfinder & screen, 1080@60p, focus peaking, nfs, better DR, lower noise levels, etc...) made me preorder one!

As soon as I get I will post my opinion but it does look like a nice cam, specially considering the price.

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