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GH1 vs GH2 vs Canon w/Magic Lantern: Recommendations?


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I have been doing more research while waiting for my wallet to fatten up a bit, and have some new questions:


What are the differences between the hacks for the GH1 and GH2? Added features, image quality, etc.


Even shopping very carefully on Ebay, a gh2 will cost twice that of a gh1. Is it worth the extra money?


I got to looking into Canon cameras with Magic Lantern, and that looks like a reasonable route to go as well. I saw that RAW from the 600D was in the works, so I was wondering how that (or any other small canon) compares to the gh1 or gh2?




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wait a month and buy a Panasonic G6

it is better straight out the box than a hacked GH2

Panasonic have listened to the GH2 community and made a great camera

see Julian's posts on here about it as he has tested it



G6 will work straight out the box no messing about transcoding RAW to DNG to Pro res etc etc like the Canon RAW hack

no 45/49 second recording limit etc etc

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