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  1. Really badly read. "Possible GoPro 4 specs leaked - shoots 4K and 1080/120fps"
  2. Doesn't filmconvert remap all the chroma and luma values? That's quite a scientific process, no wonder the colour and dynamic range is so thoroughly buggered. It looks like it has remapped the bottom few stops of shadow detail to black, and given everything a strong megenta cast. I hope this is a facet of your workflow, rather than the camera itself. The guy at the beginning looks like a lobster! Nothing personal dude, but I don't think this creative decision has worked for me.
  3. I think so too. I can see RS being a useful semiotic to indicate speed/fast motion in the future.
  4. Wow I didn't realise the new mac pro's were so tiny! That's amazing. And relatively cheap too, about half what I thought they were going to cost! Great point on hand luggage Andrew. To be honest I would have mistaken these for new mac mini's unless I knew otherwise; very impressive. To address the claims that AVCHD is a pain, it's not. I cut a short shot on a hacked GH2 to 176mbit on a 1.7ghz macbook air last year, it was a breeze. Didn't drop a frame. The only issue I have found with macs is the gamma issue with AVCHD. Most things are plug and play, cameras and printers and such, whereas with PC's you have to piss about installing drivers, software, et al. I have saved hours, probably days by now, by buying a mac. Anyway, back to the BMPC, the image looks good enough. It's another camera that I wouldn't mind using, along with all the other cameras available these days. 4k is cool, we finally get noise/grain that doesn't make everyone automatically think it's rubbish or a documentary. The dynamic range is the only flaw, seeing as the bottom stop is noisy as hell, we get what, 11 stops useable? Good enough, but nothing special. I'd prefer a BMCC with a speed booster. They should have partnered with metabones and released a camera with a built in speed booster. Global shutter is great, about time too.
  5.   The 17-40L is not true parfocal. I have tested a couple of copies and they were nearly there but not quite perfect. 
  6.   It supports UHS-1 and has a lot in common with the MKIII so there is good potential in that camera. More than you might think at first glance. 
  7. The first crop at f1.4 is just mind blowingly good. I just can't believe how sharp and contrasty that is wide open. 
  8. Nobody should be angry. Early adopters of new tech always pay through the nose. 4k tvs for 50 grand comes to mind...
  9.     If you were panasonic, for example, then it's entirely possible. Probably quite easy I would venture to say. The likelihood of an individual having done it however is in inquantifiably unlikely. 
  10. I went a little crazy in the wake of it's discovery. I don't think I'm ever going to part with my GH2.    I'm now thinking that a GH2 and a 50D is the best plan of action. Those two would cover a lot of ground, giving me the option to shoot a decent image compressed (GH2) or raw (50D).   I love the raw coming from the 50D from what I have seen. The anamorphic footage posted by julian looks great. The motion looks a little juddery but I have no idea if that's the camera or the workflow.
  11. **** the G6 and it's 20mbps codec. The hardware is awfully nice though.
  12.   This raw hack has whipped me up into a frenzy. I started shooting stills years before video and became very used to working with raw files. For my entire time filmmaking I have been irritated that I'm forced to shoot in a compressed codec and suddenly I am presented with a camera that shoots raw that I could swap to for no money? Seems like a no brainer.   The ML team have unlocked compressed video on the 50d too and it has a nice enough image from what I have seen.   I shoot narrative mainly, so a super 35 raw camera for £350 is a dream come true. Even several of my lenses will become more easily useable. At the moment I have to quickly put the lens on a Canon body to set the aperture, then put it back on the GH2. I only swapped to the GH2 a few months ago because I wasn't happy with the mush the 550D was giving me. Prior to that I have had a 10D and a 30D so you could say I'm a bit of a closet Canon man really. I just hate the way they tier their products based on arbitrary firmware implementations and minor hardware difference.   It's now even more obvious than it already was that the camera manufacturers all have a meeting once every few months to decide which feature they shall all implement next. The progression of the technology is far to linear across the manufacturers. BMD have clearly broken the mould and I praise them greatly for doing so. 
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