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  1.   Could you be a little more specific?   I know the GH2 video quality is better, but how much better?   I know both the GH1 and GH2 hacks add extra video features (i think the zebra striping focus assist is one?) but what does a hacked GH2 have that a hacked GH1 doesn't?   The GF2 is considerably cheaper....I'm not sosure about the level of manual control you get on it through. Thats one of the bigger things I really want. :/
  2. I sort of asked this before but hopefully this time I can better explain just what I want to know: I have been doing still photography for a few years now on a Sony a200, a camera which has served me extremely well. The freedom to manually alter all settings and exposure, or leave it to the camera, has let me learn a lot about photography. And I inherited a couple minolta lenses from my grandfather to boot. I still haven't exhausted all the creative potential of this camera. For some time I have had the itch to dive into creating video as well. I got a cheap samsung smx-f50bn/xaa camcorder, but it only shoots interlaced (in widescreen mode), the chroma noise is awful, and while you can change apeture and shutter speed, you can't specify both at the same time, leaving you at the wims of the awful automatic exposure. Borrowing a canon sx160 IS is better with chdk, but still lousy. You have essentially no control over exposure on that either. Comparing the image quality and freedom of control I get with stills on the a200 to the nonexistant control and dismal image quality on the camcorder and canon pas, I sometimes want to scream in frustration at how limited I am by the video capable devices I have access to. Reading eoshd has excited me enormously at the rapid increase in capabilities gained from cameras through hacking, and the falling cost of good video. The gh1 and gh2 have espectially caught my interest, espectially the wider selection of cheap lenses which can be used, including the minolta and nikon photo lenses I have access to. This is espectially important because I am a very poor college student with very limited funds to devote to videography. MY QUESTION IS THIS: How does a hacked GH1 compare to a hacked GH2? Given that the GH2 is going for about 2x the price of the GH1 on ebay, might I be better served by purchasing a gh1 and spending more money on lenses and accessories? (Anamorphic lens, microphone, rails, etc) I do have a handful of minolta and nikon lenses from 35mm film cameras, and may sell my a200 to help pay for the new camera. Only carrying one camera would be nice. Thoughts?
  3. I have been doing more research while waiting for my wallet to fatten up a bit, and have some new questions:   What are the differences between the hacks for the GH1 and GH2? Added features, image quality, etc.   Even shopping very carefully on Ebay, a gh2 will cost twice that of a gh1. Is it worth the extra money?   I got to looking into Canon cameras with Magic Lantern, and that looks like a reasonable route to go as well. I saw that RAW from the 600D was in the works, so I was wondering how that (or any other small canon) compares to the gh1 or gh2?      
  4. That IS used: http://www.amazon.com/Panasonic-DMC-GH2-Interchangeable-Free-Angle-Black/dp/B0043VE26U http://www.ebay.com/ctg/Panasonic-LUMIX-DMC-GH2-16-0-MP-Digital-Camera-Black-Body-Only-/100066244#alurl-/ctg/100066244?_clu=2&_dmpt=Digital_Cameras&_pcategid=31388&_pcatid=782&_pdpal=1&_sgz=1&_trksid=p5877.c0.m299-state-15_all_qqq_qqq   It's odd for used ones to be so much more expensive now that the stock is depleted o.O   The autofocus is a really good point though. I don't think I would want to give that up. So i guess it's either buy Sony or buy separate lenses with a GH2. It's great to see that four-thirds are nice and cheap though. 
  5. Looking around online, the GH2 seems to be running $750+, which is unfortunate because I saw articles saying they had dropped the price to $500 (presumably to clear out the last of the inventory). At that price I would be thinking seriously about waiting for the BMPCC.   But a GH1 can be had for under $400. Is there a huge difference between a hacked GH1 and a hacked GH2? 
  6. I am interested in doing more video, but feel very restricted by my cheap sanyo camcorder. I have a Sony a200 for still photography, and have managed to accumulate 1 sony and 3 minolta lenses. I don't have a wide angle lense, or a telephoto bigger than 300mm (35mm equivalent), but being able to use those lenses and having manual control of the camera would open the door to a great many more possibilities.   So: how good are current sony dslr's for video? I was eying the a57, which seemed to be able to do both still photos and video quite nicely.   But on the other hand, with the new blackmagic camera coming out, maybe it would make sense to save up longer and get that. Micro four thirds seems to be the lense mount of the future, and it would be nice to feel my lenses will be useful on future equipment. There is an adapter to convert the A mount to the E mount, but I have failed to find any which would adapt it to MFT..... dropping $1k for the camera alone would be a real stretch financially, I don't know how viable that option would be if I had to purchase new lenses for it as well....   Anyway, anyone have experience with the sony dslrs for video? 
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