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Rarest Canon Lens i have ever seen


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I was really surprised that how everyone reacts for my listing. And just fot that high price.even i never asked anyone to buy.. Lol. For just information there is a country where people make their own gods with stones and then pray and they also pray cows and drink cow pee. And they have many weird comic type gods but noone cares. But here i see that too many ass burnings for just one post. You can criticize in other way. Not the way that i did some crime or i killed someone or i punished the cow pee drinkers and worshippers. Its just ebay. Where everyone seels their own way. Listing anything at any price is not a crime. Noone simply buy. That's it. And buyers who spend that much are too much smart they do lot of homework before buying anything. I dont think that this community belongs to all dum ass people. Its a professional community so be professional. Simply critize like a pro if you are, that i really don't think so. Here everyone is selling their gears. Whatever their list price is. Its upto them... Cheers.

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