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Lillipu a7s anamorphic mode

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30 minutes ago, anton.zimin@gmail.com said:

So, smart?

Sorry if my answer seens vague.


This is the one i said, and what i've used 3 years ago or so.

Have  the custom images aspect ratios in a weird manner :

. User-Defined Image Ratio ( H-Start / H-Size / V-Star / V-Size )

It can be used for de-squeeze anamorphic footage.

Don't know if it is what you are looking for.


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3 hours ago, anton.zimin@gmail.com said:

I've contacted the manufacturer. They've written the following: "Also we do have slot for firmware update. We been working on anamorphic squeeze and desqueeze since last year demand so we could have an update soon."

If so, it's going to be the best cheap monitor for our needs. :)

Manufacturer of Lilliput?

Great news then!

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