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Anyone here using FCPX for 360? Stuck with using 360 patch


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I'm fiddling with some basic 360 content at the moment and while it seems like FCPX 10.4 offers everything I need for this, I'm stuck with how to properly use the 360 patch effect (to hide the monopod). Using the effect itself seems fairly intuitive, but every time after I've selected and applied the source and target areas using the setup mode, not only is the whole project's orientation off after exiting the effect. Worse, when I re-orient the clips to how they should be, the source (and target?) areas for the patch move as well, making the whole effort extremely pointless. Clearly I'm missing out on something basic here, so if someone could point me to what that is or where else I could get help, that'd be appreciated (skimmed through some youtube tutorials but nothing useful came up).



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