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Easier workflow for 5D Mark III raw

Andrew Reid

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raw2dng was a command line Windows executable. Mac users now have this...




Simply drag and drop the raw file into the app, and it will output DNG.


I suggest next step will be to do compressed Cinema DNG (compatible with Resolve), that would be amazing.


Right now my workflow is to convert from DNG to ProRes in After Effects for editing in Premiere. The raw actually needs very little colour correction, mostly just a tint adjustment for magenta / green.

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Once Magic Lantern works out the kinks with shooting RAW one would not need to use CF cards. With the latest firmware couldn't we record to an external recorder via solid state drive? The only Sandisk CF card I could find online has for 128g at 100mbs - it cost $700.00!

Which leads to my next question: should we do the firmware update despite sound issues (haven't installed yet) and get the new picture style in preparation for Magic Lanterns impending release?
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I just downloaded the 3 sample DNG's from Andrew, the 1920x1280 files, and ran them trough Adobe DNG Converter 7.4, saved them with lossy DNG compression.


The compressed DNG's are still perfectly editable, even when lifting the shadows a lot I don't see any difference at first sight. The 4,3 MB picture of the dog was compressed to 678KB! The other frames to 1,5MB and 1MB. It depends on the detail in the shot, but on average a compression of 4:1 or something should be possible! Yes, it is lossy, but still the quality is way ahead of H264.


You could simply unload your card and convert to Lossy DNG. Takes much less space and probably edits faster. Or you work with the original DNG's and when your project is finished archive the files as lossy DNG.


This would definitely be something I would do. I don't mind the lossy compression. Still looks great!

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