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Mother of all "Large Format" Video Cameras


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1 hour ago, TheRenaissanceMan said:

No CFA, no micro lenses. Weird. 

Really?  Hasselblad's pixels are 5.3 micron.  This things pixels are 75 micron.  Base ISO is 2,100!  Microlenses are not without their issues.

I like B&W pictures.  I can't say I care for B&W movies though.  I wonder what the performance is for the color version.  Could be interesting for architectural videos.  I just wonder if this adds anything to a s35 setup with a tilt shift lens.

Cost is going to be a big factor since this thing is only 12 megapixels.  I mean by the time you lug around an 8x10 view camera might as well just shoot film.  What you will get with film would blow a 12 megapixel camera out of the water.

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Thank you for the post on the Largesense camera.  We have discussed it before in this forum in a few threads, but it is always helpful to revisit the camera, especially now that Largesense seems to be taking orders.



8 hours ago, Raafi Rivero said:

or the DIY way:

the guy who did it was 18, btw: https://www.newsshooter.com/2018/01/03/this-18-year-old-photographer-built-his-own-8x10-large-format-video-camera/

Thank you for the link.  I had never heard of this project.  Basically, he has made a large format DOF adapter, except this adapter uses front projection, rather than the typical rear projection.  That makes it unique, but it sort of necessitates dual tilt or dual shift (simultaneous tilt or shift with the each lens).


I would guess that a rear projection DOF adapter with condensing optics would be more efficient than this front projection system, but a lot depends on the projection screen material.


Speaking of large format DOF adapters, our own @Gonzalo_Ezcurra created the ECyclops (20"x20") and the "Mini" Cyclops (14"x14") several years ago.  Here is one of his videos showing the rack focusing on the MiniCyclops:


In addition, our own @richg101 created the splendid Forbes 70 medium format DOF adapter.


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