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Grading: Before or after VFX?


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I don‘t know if this is the correct forum to ask this, as it is not really camera-related, but:

How do you grade footage with VFX in it? Is it best to grade the video part first and the add the VFX later (which can be cumbersome if you then realise that there are editing changes needed) or is it best to complete the scene with VFX and grade it then? The problem with grading after adding the VFX is that the look of VFX (e.g. explosions, virtual interfaces, 3D models) may alter significantly after grading, especially if the video was shot in log or a flat profile.

What do you do it?

Thanks for any tips! 

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This is going to vary on workflow. I personally do VFX after grade to ensure I'm matching the correct contrast, depth of field, tones, saturation, etc. of the final. Sometimes if I do VFX on the log footage, it doesn't match up when the grade gets applied in post. 

These days I'm sending the VFX shots from Premiere to After Effects via dynamic link so I don't risk exporting a different color gamut. 

I've been watching some Hitfilm Pro tuts, which is like having Premiere and After Effects in one application. Also, the real 3D space in Hitfilm is way more powerful and intuitive than After Effects. Adobe should get the message already.

Honestly, there's no right or wrong way. The key is just making sure everything blends well into the scene.  

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