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Has any one measured how the dynamic range changes at the different ISOs for the BMPCC?


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As the highest dynamic range should be at base ISO, but I was wondering just how bad the hit is? (as sometimes you might want to make that trade off, rather than juggle other variables)

I'm also curious to hear other people's thoughts about video mode (Rec709) vs film mode (log)?


(obviously I'm referring to in a flavour of ProRes, not raw)

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It's my belief that the BMPCC should only be used at 800iso which is the base ISO for the sensor, regardless of whether used in raw or pro res.  From my experience footage shot at 800 and pushed +1 stop in post looks better than footage shot and exposed at 1600.  I have a feeling 400iso = 1 stop less dr compared to 800 and 200iso = 2 stops less dr compared to 800.

Best to leave at 800 and expose with a 'Exposure Index' frame of mind.  Changing to 200 or 400 just messes up the Alexa-like highlight rolloff it does so well at base.

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