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How to eddit H265 in Premier


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You should be able to do it. It's possible since CC 2015.3 version if I'm not wrong. That came out about 2 years ago. Previous versions couldn't do it.

And what do you mean by - can't edit? Does Premiere show sound and no video or nothing at all, or some other problem?

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On 1/20/2018 at 8:29 AM, Hugovau said:


I cant eddit h265 with premiere. I own a Nx1. Proxys or gopro cineform I dont knowe.If some one could help me It would help me very much.

Thanks in  advance Hugovau

What is your proccesor and how many cores does it have? Also, I would advise you to upgrade your RAM to 32GB, if possible. These two factors are where you're going to see the bigger gains in performance. Your Nvidia 1060 GPU should be able to handle the processes that use GPU in Premiere, but most of the app is driven by the CPU RAM. 

Premeire's code isn't as optimized as other NLEs, so it takes some decent specs to run it smoothly in the 4k space. I recently updated to a new monster PC and what a joy it's been being able to edit with smooth playback in full preview settings. It has decreased my workflow time almost by 3/4. 

Also, do you render "previews" in your current workflow? 

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4 minutes ago, Hugovau said:

@Matthew Hartman I have the I7.7700 hq he has 4 cors.

Thanks in advance

I wouldn't even consider running smooth 4k on anything less than 8 cores, especially in Premeire, which uses the CPU inefficiently.

I don't want to alarm you, but realistically you may have to upgrade your processor if your computer/motherboard supports that, if not you may have to consider a new motherboard or new computer. 

For now, I would use a proxy workflow, which thankfully Premiere makes simple. 

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3 hours ago, Hugovau said:

Thanks a lot


@Matthew Hartman I have Laptop would It help if I upgraid the RAM 32GB?

thanks in advance

It will help but the amount of cores is probably more meaningful in this scenario.

I had 32GB in my last system but 4 cores (i7 3rd gen, 3GB GPU) and I was unable to play h.265 in realtime in a media player, let alone in a Premiere timeline.

I'd hate to see you spend money to upgrade your RAM for little benefit as far as 4k h.265 is concearned. 

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