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Opinion Thread - Body-mounted Stabilizers


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A colleague and I are looking into getting a steadicam-style stabilizer. I've flown Glidecam's HD2000 for years now, and still love it. I'm pushing for a used Glidecam X-10 and vest, but we're having difficulty getting one in the ~$1000cad price range that we can afford. 

Then I noted CAME-TV's knockoff, last a year or two full rig with monitor and power-wired sled. For $888usd, not bad. 

What is your opinion of best bang for buck steadicam system? Is there a knockoff you'd recommend, at least for a year or two while earning money to afford better rigs?

Specs for reference: We will be flying lighter cameras, especially a C100MkII, but also a built-up BMPCC with heavy lens, mattebox, etc. 

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@Riadnasla you are referring to an actual steadycam style stabilizer with vest...is this correct?....If you are, I would look at a Came TV or symilar cheap knockoff style vest arm system, and the actual mechanical "steadycam" you buy that carries the camera is where I'd spend the money....although they take practice, IMO a gimbal will never equal the beauty of footage from a good steadycam operator. As the C100 is not that heavy and gimbals are the rage now, you can probably find a glide cam or something symilar quite cheap used.

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Hey, sorry for the absence. Been a busy time all of a sudden. The pilot was affordable enough used, and we are just waiting for it in the mail. 

As for the CAME-TV option, I've read and seen enough where it doesn't react very well until under mid to heavy loads, then the spring loudly complains, and the longevity of it seems to be a bit gimped. 

As for the electric stabilizers, they are a great tool, but do not achieve the look we are going for. In a vest I can run an entire festival floor without much up/down jostle, however I can't say the same with these handheld electric ones....unless you add an easyrig which is more money and time to setup again. 

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