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Sony RX100 V Tips/Help


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Happy holidays!

I recently got a RX100 V to capture video. Does anyone else have one?

Any tips of setup? Picture profiles? I am running it 50p mode as the 25p mode seems a bit juddery compared to the D750. Is it safe to run 1/50 for 50p mode or should I be doing it 1/100? Playback seems a bit different compared to my other cameras hence was asking. I do usually shoot 25p 1/50 but was trying to see what works best for the RX100 V.

The only negative seems to be the shorter battery life I am experiencing compared to older models and larger mirror-less cameras.

The colours aren't as good as my Nikon D750 or Fuji X-T20 kit but the auto-focus is great and the main reason it was purchased to capture quick family moments and be easy to take.

Is there anything else on the market with reliable auto-focus like the Sony RX100? I did contemplate the the Lumix range but from what I saw the auto-focus isn't as rapid and can hunt a fair bit?



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Well 1/50 for 50p mode will definitely be worse than 1/100 will be as you should be using speed wise.. 4K is tricky on the RX100 V due to overheating problems and the time limit on it. :grimace:

Focus wise Canon and Sony seem to be the best, although I found the Olympus EM1 was about as good as you could ask for, and I guess the MK II is even better. Certainly the Canon DPAF is now the best there is focusing. But without IBIS in most of their bodies they seem to me to be mostly tripod cameras compared to the Mirrorless offerings.

I guess it comes down to what Color Science you like and if you have some existing lenses.  But if you like Sony the RX10 mk IV seems to be a runaway hit as of late. Sure beats having to buy a lot of lenses, and no overheating problems or concerns like the RX100's have.. :grin:

But if you like to shoot really wide there is really no good option for the RX10 series cameras that i have ever found. I am really surprised Sony has not made a lens adapter for them for wide angle stuff. I bet it would sell very well if they did.

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On 30/12/2017 at 2:59 AM, red said:

Happy holidays!

I recently got a RX100 V to capture video. Does anyone else have one?


I definitely recommend the eoshd pro colour on it. I have the previous version to current release of the procolour I think and it is fantastic. 

Yes try to run 180 shutter so 1/50 for 25p and 1/100 for 50p. Really I try and shoot everything wide open (A) so that's with built in ND set on, iso 200. 

I also use a magfilter CPL 42mm or their filter holder with a nice VND. It takes a fair bit to get that shutter speed down. 

I tend to not use it for video now with the GH5 around but still a lot for pictures (continuous Hi mode) and the VFR 1000fps are very useful. 

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